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We’re making dreams come true with a styling iron that adds volume and smoothes for some serious body!

While many volumizing irons texturize the hair base to create volume, the Body by Blowpro Styling Iron uses carefully curved titanium plates to easily create a long-lasting bend that adds volume at the base, curves the ends and masters well-rounded curls.

The added titanium teeth are set on floating plates, allowing for gentle and controlled heat-pressing and guiding for more consistent curl results.

Thanks to the Blowpro experts, you no longer have to sacrifice that smooth, silky sought-after finish for BBH (big, beautiful hair)!


• 1" Titanium plates.

• Titanium technology.

• Temperature reaches up to 450ºF.

• Soft touch finish for non-slip grip.

• Color-coded LED lights.

•Auto shut off after 1 hour.



• Rapid Heat Technology: heats up to 450ºF in 50 seconds.

• Titanium technology allows for even heat distribution helping to cut frizz, giving you the perfect sexy sleek hair.

• Curved Titanium plates bend and curl the hair.

• Titanium teeth create an ultra-smooth pressure to lock in lifted roots and guide hair while curling.

• Floating plates ensure consistent pressure and prevent snagging.



• 2 Year warranty

body by blowpro styling iron